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Gaelic Themes Kilt Shirt – Off White



Gaelic Themes Jacobite Shirt - Off White

This fabric has a nice texture, like a very soft crinkled muslin. The shirt pairs perfectly with a kilt for a casual look. It has loose sleeves and a laced neck. The fabric is soft and just the right thickness.
Features of Gaelic Themes Kilt Shirts:

  • 100% cotton
  • Black leather lace
  • Button cuff

Size Information: Shirts are same width all the way down. Select your size based on either your chest or waist measurement, whichever is larger. The size ranges below are recommendations based on chest size. If you waist measurement is larger than chest size, see the actual shirt dimensions. You will want to go to a size greater than your waist/chest measurement for the loose fit intended.

  • Small - 36-38" chest (actual shirt circumference 48")
  • Medium - 40-42" chest (actual shirt circumference 50")
  • Large - 42-44" chest (actual shirt circumference 52")
  • XL/2XL - 48-52" chest (actual shirt circumference 54")
  • 2XL/3XL - 48-56" chest (actual shirt circumference 58")
  • 3XL/4XL - 56-60" chest (actual shirt circumference 60")