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Frazer Warnock Sheepskin Bag – Includes Seasoning – While they last!

Brand: Begg BagpipesSKU: FWSB


Frazer Warnock Sheepskin Pipe Bags with Seasoning

Available while they last! These are the last of the bags Frazer Warnock will make, as he focuses his resources on his thriving bagpipe, chanter, and reed business.  The shape of these bags and feel of the skins is exceptional. Sheepskin bags absorb moisture when played, and then dry overnight. This natural feature can eliminate the need for any additional moisture control products.  In hot, dry climates where it is desirable for a bag to retain moisture, a hide bag might be a better choice, but in moderate and moist climates, the inherent properties of sheepskin make it an exceptional pipe bag material. For sheepskin bags to remain airtight, they must be seasoned regularly. Made in Northern Ireland.

Features of 
the Warnock Sheepskin Pipe Bags:
  • Swan neck for comfortable chanter position
  • Longevity of 1-2 years
  • Comfortable, balanced feel
  • Excellent natural moisture control
  • Made only from select sheep skins
  • No holes for custom cut and tie-in
  • Hanging loop for seasoning
  • All hand made and hand stitched
  • Includes tie-in cord and Airtight Seasoning
Bag Sizes:
  • Large 30" x 11"

Remember that Sheepskin Bags:
  • are challenging to tie in and should be marked, cut and tied in by someone with experience
  • are not suited to arid climates
  • need to be seasoned in order to remain airtight (more often than a hide bag)
  • should be used by pipers who play often and regularly
  • have a relatively short lifespan