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EzeePC Pipe Chanter Reed – Medium Resistance



Brought to you by the company that manufactures EZ Drone reeds, one of the most popular drone reeds available, due to their relatively easy set up, sound quality and consistent quality control. The EZ Pipe chanter reeds are meticulously manufactured and tested using some of the most sophisticated engineering and machining techniques available. Starting with high quality cane and following a unique, step by step process that assures production of a well made reed. The careful machining is then followed up with a careful "hands on" testing and evaluation.   Quantity pricing for reeds: 12 or more $0.50 discount ea. 24 or more $1.00 discount ea.   Check out our Pipe Chanter/Reed combination chart:  

Chanter Reed
Gibson Warnock, Caldwell, Shepherd, Abedour, McCann, Ross
Warnock Warnock, Ross
Shepherd Shepherd, Warnock, Ross, Abedour, EZ PC
Kintail Ross
Naill Poly Ross, EZ PC, Abedour, McCann
Naill Blackwood EZ PC, Ross, Shepherd, Caldwell, Apps, McCann
MacCallum Ross, Apps, McCann, EZ PC, Warnock
St. Kilda Shepherd, EZ PC, Ross, Warnock, McCann
Dunbar Poly Apps, McCann
Kron Medalist McCann, Apps
Sinclair McAllister, Apps, EZ PC, McCann, Ross, Warnock
War-Mac Apps
MacLellan Warnock, McCann