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EzeeDrone Drone Reeds with Increased Absorption

Brand: Pipe Dreams ReedsSKU: EZD-INCAB


EzeeDrone Drone Reeds with Increased Absorption

EzeeDrone reeds have been our best-selling drone reeds for the past 10 years. EzeeDrones are designed to produce a rich tone and wonderful harmonics. The inverted bass reed allows for an even deeper sound.The material used for the body of these reeds is designed to absorb more moisture while maintaining the stability and tonal qualities of the standard EZ Drone reeds. To ensure optimum performance it is recommended that they be allowed to dry naturally after long playing sessions.Made in Scotland, the reeds must pass rigorous quality control standards. For ease in setup, the reeds are preadjusted. Instructions for proper installation and manipulation are included.

Benefits of the Inverted Bass Reed:

  • It can help alleviate the annoying roar which persists in some bass drones
  • It can help with striking the bass drone in cleanly (growling on strike in)
  • Will slightly reduce the volume of air required by the bass drone