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D’Addario 2-Way Case Humidification System

Brand: D'AddarioSKU: PW-HPK-01


D'Addario 2-Way Case Humidification System

This system can help maintain a safe relative humidity level in your Highland bagpipe or smallpipe case. Moisture is added or absorbed by the packs to maintain a humidity of about 45-50%. You don't need to remember to add water, as with sponge or clay humidifiers. . While designed for guitars, the 2 fabric pouches in the system work well with pipes. One of the pouches has a plastic clip, intended to rest on guitar strings, but it can simply be placed in a safe spot in the case. The other pouch is a soft bag. The system includes 3 gel-packs, but you may find that one or 2 are adequate for your environment. Keep any unused packs in the plastic sealed bag, so they stay moist.

Features of the D'Addario 2-Way Humidification System:
  • 2 fabric pouches
  • 3 gel-packs
  • Gel-packs last 2-4 months in normal conditions
  • Releases and absorbs moisture
  • Maintains about 45-50% relative humidity in case
  • Replacements gel-packs available
  • Packs are approximately 5.25" x 3.5"