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Collection of Traditional Irish Music Volume 2 – Tully



Terry Tully Collection Traditional Irish Music

This is a collection of 80 classic Irish tunes, with arrangements and compositions by Terry Tully and some select contributors, including his father, Tommy Tully. The collection includes such favorites as "The Chicago Reel," "The Old Bush," and "The Kid on the Mountain."

Contents of Terry Tully Collection Traditional Irish Music:

Marches Jigs
Balscadden Bay Give Us a Minute
The Young Composer Willie Clancy's Paidin O'Raifeartaigh
Yellow Walls and Potholes The Congress Jig
The Five Lamps Kitty Lie Over
Farewell to Ballinascorney Wee Buns
Molly Darlin' Sean Caughlan's Jig
Sergeant Trevor Grey, R.U.C. Johnny the Tree Wrecker
Captain Bill Haworth's March Nightmare on Ringhaddy Avenue
O'Byrne Across the Glen The Connaught Man's Rambles
The Dust Gatherer The Irish Washer Woman
Waltzes The Dirty Lough
Richard's Gone Bananas The Marley Jig
John Rea the Drummer Harry's Broken Item
The Water Babies The Navvy on the Line
Reels Within a Mile of Dublin
The Hills of Kesh The Shepherd's Daughter
The Galway Whistler The Big Ship
The Scholar (1st Setting) The Dublin Jig
Within a Mile of Dublin The Fuddler
The Curragh Races Charlie Lennon's Jig
The Maple Tree The Kid on the Mountain
Rakish Paddy The Gallowglass
The Chicago Reel Off to the Races
The Old Bush Tripping up the Stairs
Last Night's Fun The Boys of the Lough
The Hag at the Churn Hornpipes
The First Slip Eric Stein
Nora O'Neill Queen of the Rushes
The Scholar (2nd Setting) The Tall Man (Seamus Madden)
The Little Bag Brian Boru's Hornpipe
The Steeple Clock A Monkey on the Pony
Eyebrows Davy "Rambo" Nolan
Tripping up the Stairs Joe O'Leary's Fancy
The Big Ship Trapper John M.D.
Slow Airs The Boys of Blue Hill
The Girl from Dungannon The Cork Hornpipe
Shanagolden The Bumpy Old Road
The Banks of the Lee Johnny the Tree Wrecker
The Bard of Armagh The Empty Purse
Michael Faughnan's Air Itch and Scratch
The Break of Day A Wee Bit out of the Ordinary
The Burst Mattress