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Collection of Traditional and Contemporary Irish Music Vol 5 – Tully



Traditional and Contemporary Irish Bagpipe Music Vol 5 by Terry Tully

This volume comes 25 years after the publication of the first book in the series. All of the books are popular and contain a variety of tunes suited to both Highland pipes and smallpipes. This book features 84 tunes, with Tully's arrangements of traditional Irish pieces, and contemporary compositions from Tully and others. 2012.

Contents of Terry Tully's Volume 5 Book:

Marches The Cliffs of Doneen
Keem Bay Sheila Nee Iyer
All the Way to Galway My Lovely Rose of Clare
Changes Jigs
Mrs Alice Cooke The Petticoat Loose
Parnell's March Welcome the Piper
Down by the Sally Gardens Billy Duncan's Jig
Lannigan's Ball The Humours of Ballydehob
Nora Criona The Sporting Pitchfork
Mr and Mrs Harold Hook Jack Thornbury's Jig
Waltzes Nora Criona
Tasker's Wedding Waltz The Kinnegad Slashers
Do You Love an Apple Copper Mountain
The Waterford Waltz The Boys of Ballymote
Tommy's Hunt The Eagle's Whistle
Fanny Power Is the Big Man Within
The Big Ship The Friggers
Reels Scatter the Mud
Corney Is Coming Aba Chuan
The First House in Connaught The Viking
The Longford Tinker The Hare in the Corn
Sarah and Jamie Kick the Wellington
Paddy Taylor's The Humours of Whiskey
Dillon Brown's Reel The Rambling Pitchfork
The Lady on the Island Gilman's Point
Colin's MB Fancy Tiocfaidh Tu Abhaile Liom
The Templehouse Reel I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her
Jenny's Chickens Caolan and O'Brien
Gan Ainm Sport
The Swallow Tailed Coat Bellaghy Fair
The Rolling Stone Hornpipes
Tormin O'Dea's Reel Miss Emilia Tully
Miss Monaghan's Drum Sergeant Frank Saunders
Sergeant Murphy's The Harbour Master
The Black Haired Lass Kick the Wellington
The Abbey Reel The Fairies Hornpipe
Touch Me If You Dare Roman Maguire
Slides The Soup Kitchen
Gan Ainm The Washerwife
Ah Young Fella Send Me Your Cow Alen's Fancy
Denis Murphy's Slide The Great Man
An Choisir Wexford Hornpipe
Airs Out in the Ocean
She Moved Through the Fair The Piper's Trolley
Mo Ghile Mear Half Pint Delia