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Canmore Hybrid Pipe Bags with Zipper

Brand: CanmoreSKU: CZH


Canmore Hybrid Pipe Bag with Zipper

With the Canmore hybrid bag, you get a hide bag feel, without the need for seasoning. The outer leather layer is fused with a thin interior material that retains air but lets some moisture pass through. The ergonomic cut and angled zip make the Canmore hybrid bag very comfortable and easy to control. You may notice improved strike-ins and cut-offs with the hybrid style. Installation is easy. Pushing stocks through the collars from inside the bag is easier than with other brands. As an extra safeguard to the seal, you can wrap the included stretchy tape strips around the collars. An O-ring and clamp are supplied for the chanter stock. Canmore is the originator of the synthetic pipe bag and licensed to use authentic Gore-Tex fabric. Made in Scotland.

Features of the Canmore Hybrid Pipe Bag:

  • Hide exterior for great feel and balance
  • Swan neck
  • Side airtight zipper for easy access
  • Easy installation and stock pull-through
  • Includes optional tape
  • No tie-in required
  • 2-year warranty
  • Available in 4 sizes

To install the chanter stock, fit the O-ring in the tie-in groove on the stock. For extra protection, secure the stock in the neck of the bag with tape, folding over any excess fabric first. Fasten the clamp evenly over the bag and the O-ring underneath. Be careful not to over-tighten. The pipe bag zipper must be kept lubricated with the grease provided.