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Blair Digital Chanter with Case – Plain

Brand: Blair Digital BagpipesSKU: BDC-P


Blair Digital Chanter with Case - Plain

World class pipe sounds anywhere, anytime! The creative and performance capabilities are endless. The Blair digital chanter feels and looks like a quality full-size practice chanter, but sounds like so much more. The sounds are real instrument recordings, not synthesized, for full, authentic, bagpipe, smallpipe, and chanter music. The metronome, too, features authentic percussion sounds. The digital chanter is rechargeable, updatable, and can be plugged into computers, amps, cars, and more. With a case and USB cable, this is a complete package, ready for your next practice, project, composition. Designed by piper and sound engineer Murray Blair. Made in Australia.

Features of the Blair Digital Chanter: 

  • 9 Instruments: Great Highland Bagpipes, Scottish Smallpipe in A, Practice Chanter, Smallpipes in C, Smallpipes in D, Breton D Bagpipes in B, A Chromatic Bagpipes, B Minor Bagpipes, and E Major Bagpipes
  • Pitch change, reverb, drone volume, and pan for all instruments.
  • Includes case and USB cable
  • Digital display on chanter top
  • Plain aluminum ferrule and sole
  • High fidelity audio
  • Volume control of individual Bass and Tenor drones
  • EQ
  • Metronome with 8 selectable beat patterns
  • Metronome sound is real percussion
  • Pitch change range 440-486hz
  • Play with other instruments in different keys
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB output
  • Audio output
  • Connectivity with a PC, iPad or digital tablet
  • Connectivity with Apps
  • Updateable and expandable

Additional accessories it can plug into:

  • Small speakers (iRig nano, Fender or any acoustic amp, portable speakers, Car stereos)
  • Guitar FX pedals ( like TC electronic HOF reverb)
  • Volume pedals (so pipers can plug into the pedal and fade in/ out their own sound)
  • PA systems
  • Headphones