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Bannatyne Hybrid Pipe Bags with Zipper – Includes Water Trap

Brand: BannatyneSKU: BHZ


Bannatyne Hybrid Pipe Bag with Zipper & Water Trap

Bannatyne hybrid bags combine the weight, feel, and balance of a hide bag, with the ease of maintenance of a synthetic pipe bag. The hybrid has a cowhide exterior that is bonded to an interior membrane. The membrane permits moisture to pass through, while the bag remains airtight. Many find that clean strike-ins and cut-offs are easier to achieve with a hybrid bag. Installation is simple, although it takes some strength to push the stocks through the tapered collars. The chanter stock is installed with an O-ring and clamp. The bag includes an easy-to-use bottle water trap. Made in Scotland.

Watch our step-by-step installation videos for helpful tips and tricks:

Part 1: Intro to the Bag, Installing the Drone and Blowstick Stocks
Part 2: Installing the Chanter Stock and Water Trap

Features of the Bannatyne Hide/Synthetic Hybrid Bag:

  • Feels like a hide bag
  • Side zipper
  • No seasoning
  • Includes bottle water trap
  • Easy installation
  • Zipper lubricant
  • No tie-in required
  • 2-Year warranty
  • Available in multiple sizes (Medium is the most popular, and it is also available in a left-handed version)

The pipe bag zipper must be kept lubricated with the grease provided, as not doing so will void the warranty and may cause tearing.