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Bannatyne Dri-Flo Drone Moisture Control

Brand: BannatyneSKU: DRIFLO


Bannatyne Dri-Flo Drone Moisture Control

The Bannatyne Dri-Flow system provides straightforward drone moisture control. The tubes are flexible, but not floppy. A screen fitted at the end of each tube allows air to flow through the desiccant as it travels to your drone reeds. The tubes can be hemped and fitted into the drone stocks from inside the bag or installed with the rubber cups provided. Both methods allow for easy removal of the system after playing to allow the desiccant to dry and to prevent the pipes from drying out.

Features of the Bannatyne Dri-Flo Drone Moisture Control System:

  • Promotes drone reed stability
  • Installs in drone stocks
  • Convertible and customizable
  • Color-changing beads
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Includes 3 rubber connectors and spare gels

Note: A zippered pipe bag is required for installation