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The Bagpiper’s DIY Station



Bagpiper's DIY Station

Transform a tabletop into your personal bagpipe service station, with pro products to care for your instrument. Maintaining your pipes is easier with this dedicated work area. The mat gives you a safe, cushioned surface that will keep your pipes in place. You'll have room to spread out, and the mat protects your table from oily brushes and sprays. You can use the handy grip cutters to slice through hemp, tie-in cord, chanter tape and more. Treating your pipes with bore oil inside and lacquer polish outside will keep them conditioned and looking amazing! The silver polish removes tarnish and prints from metal and leaves a brilliant shine. Roll up the mat for storage when you're done, or keep your home workstation out and read for daily, weekly, and annual maintenance projects big and small.

The Bagpiper's DIY Station Includes:

  • 36" x 17" Premium instrument work mat
  • 4.5" Grip cutters for hemp, tape, cord ties, and more
  • 2 oz. Natural bore oil for conditioning drone and stock bores
  • 4 oz. Silver and plating polish for metal mounts
  • 4 oz. Lacquer polish for cleaning and conditioning the outside of your pipes
  • 16" x 12" Large microfiber suede cloth for wiping away fingerprints
  • 15" x 11 Edgeless flannel cloth for buffing, polishing, and more