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Airstream Blowsticks – 5 Lengths, 2 Styles



Airstream Blowsticks - 8" - 12" Lengths

Airstream Blowsticks have a special wide-bore design and a large internal valve. They come in a range of lengths, with one just right for you. Airstreams are available in plain black or with an imitation ivory mount, so they can match any set of pipes.

Features of the Airstream Blowstick:

  • Combed and beaded hard black plastic
  • Oval mouthpiece opening
  • Mouthpiece protector included
  • Mouthpiece portion screws on
  • Large internal valve
  • Available in 1" increments from 8" to 12"
  • Replacement valves are available

Choosing your Airstream length: Airstream Blowstick lengths indicate the length of the visible portion of the blowstick, from the stock to the tip of the mouthpiece - the portion inserted into the blowstick stock is not factored into the length.

Tip: The valve is accessed by unscrewing the hemp tenon, a task which can require pliers.