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14″ Remo CyberMax Snare Drum Head for Newer Premier Drums (See Full Compatibility)

Brand: RemoSKU: KS-0514-PR


CyberMax Snare Drum Head for Pearl & Premier Snare Drums

Developed with Jim Kilpatrick specifically for high tension pipe band snares, CyberMax heads offer the bright sound,  precision, and projection pipe band snare drummers seek. This CyberMax head is technically 14.07" and has specific compatibility, which you can see below.

Use this Cybermax with:
  • Premier HTS800
  • Premier HTS700
  • Premier HTS400 (shorter shell)
  • Premier HTS350 (shorter shell)
  • Pearl FFX snares made in 2008 or before

For other pipe band snares, see the Cybermax "universal" head (KS-0524-00)