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ThermaCuff Warmers – 2 Sizes



ThermaCuff Warmers

Improve your comfort and dexterity in cold weather with ThermaCuff warmers. The cuffs hold disposable heat packs. The heat warms blood vessels in the wrist, which means warmer hands and fingers. The cuffs don't extend over hands or fingers, so there's nothing bulky in your way. These are great for cold weather winter or St. Patrick's Day parades. The set of ThermaCuffs comes with a pair of hand warmers, for the first use. The packets are a standard size that can be purchased easily in many stores. The cuffs are made in Canada, and the warming packets are made in the USA.

Features of ThermaCuff Warmers:
  • Stretchy Polyester cuff
  • Medium or Large
  • 1 set of Cuffs and 1 pair of single-use warmer packets
  • Added warmth
  • Fingers are free to move
  • Extra packets are easy to purchase in stores