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Samson Expedition Portable PA System (While they last!)



Samson Expedition Portable PA System

The Samson Expedition Portable PA System is versatile and convenient. It is perfect for pipers and drummers to amplify and playback music in either performance or practice situations.Using a metronome and amplifying the beat will make a practice session with multiple players on practice chanters, bagpipes or drums even more productive.This system with its playback feature specifically allows pipers to play along with prerecorded sound files to develop seconds and harmonies.This Expedition Portable PA System is lightweight and powerful.  Features include dual speakers with 6" subwoofers, and a separate 5-channel mixer with three XLR, one 1/4", and 3.5mm inputs.  Add reverb with the built-in digital effects processor.

  • Dual 2-way speakers with 6" woofers
  • 5 channel mixer
  • XLR and 1/4" line inputs
  • 1/4" and 1/8" stereo inputs for devices
  • Phantom power
  • Packs into single portable unit
  • Includes speaker cables

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