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MacLellan Delrin Studio Pipes in B Flat – 2 Styles

Brand: MacLellan BagpipesSKU: RMDSB


MacLellan Delrin Studio Pipes in B FlatBring your piping indoors and enhance your practice sessions with MacLellan smallpipes. Pipers adapt easily to the fingering on B Flat Studio Pipes, which has spacing closer to the practice chanter than other keys. The sound is full and substantial, with a reliable plastic chanter reed and quality single-blade drone reeds made specifically for this instrument. The drones are turned to create a nice profile, and the overall look is simple and refined.  Made by expert pipemaker Roddy MacLellan in the USA. Features of MacLellan Smallpipes in B Flat:

  • Durable Delrin construction
  • Key of B Flat
  • Hemped joints
  • Medium zippered Bannatyne synthetic bag
  • Bannatyne bottle water trap
  • MacLellan single-blade drone reeds with composite body
  • Threaded drone reeds fit securely into reed seats
  • Poly chanter with countersunk holes
  • Plastic pipe chanter reed that's affordable to replace
  • Zippered velvet bag cover (Black or Green)
  • Single drone stock
  • Choose from 2-drone (bass and tenor) and 3-drone (bass, baritone, and tenor) styles
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