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Highland Bagpipe Clip-On Microphone for HBT-2

Brand: BagpiperSKU: HBT-CM


Highland Bagpipe Clip-On Microphone for HBT-2

Designed by the makers of the Highland Bagpipe Tuner (which comes with this clip-on mic and another, smaller one), this microphone is perfect for use with bagpipes. It's a robust clip with a strong spring, and the padded contours fit the curves of pipe chanters and drones snugly and safely. The microphone is compatible with the Highland Bagpipe HBT-2 Tuner, as well as other tuners and equipment with a 1/4" input. Compared to the Korg CM-200, this mic is larger, stronger, and has a shape better suited to the pipes. Not compatible with the HBT-3 Blair Tuner.

Features of the Highland Bagpipe Clip-On Microphone:

  • Sturdy design
  • Sensitive
  • Curved shape and padding
  • 5.5 foot long cord
  • 1/4" plug