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Frazer Warnock Hide Bellows Smallpipe Bag



Frazer Warnock Hide Bellows Smallpipe Bag

Adding a hide bag to your bellows blown instrument adds volume, enhances the playing experience, and can help make the chanter feel more stable in your hands. This bag is designed specifically to fit Fred Morrison smallpipes, with a comfortable shape, and narrow neck opening for the smallpipe chanter stock. The bag should be used with a dry system, like a bellows-blown instrument. It does not require regulard seasoning, but should be lightly seasoned before cutting and tying-in.

Frazer Warnock Hide Bellows Smallpipe Bag:

  • Cowhide bag
  • Season lightly before cutting
  • Requires cutting and tie-in
  • Designed to fit McCallum/Fred Morrison Bellows pipes
  • Sturdy, balanced feel