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Bagpipe Solutions Volume 4 Book & CD - J Cairns (1 left!)
Bagpipe Solutions Volume 4 Book & CD - J Cairns (1 left!)

Bagpipe Solutions Volume 4 Book & CD - J Cairns (1 left!)

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Bagpipe Solutions Series Volume 4 Book & CD: Learner Level

Volume 4 of the Bagpipe Solutions series assumes you are using a practice goose.  The goals of this volume are to gain a basic idea of the skills you need to play a bagpipe and to learn 2 new tunes.  A companion CD is included, so you can hear samples.
Contents of the Bagpipe Solutions Volume 4 Book:
  • Music Theory
  • Tempos in Bagpipe Music
  • Writing or Copying Music
  • Time and Rhythm
  • Maintaining Your Practice Goose
  • The Coordination Used When Playing Your Practice Goose
  • Tonal Exercises
  • Ear Training Exercises
  • How to Memorize a Bagpipe Tune
  • How to Practice
  • The Attack with Your Practice Goose
  • The Cut Off with Your Practice Goose
  • The Strike
  • The Single Gracenote Strike
  • The Doubling Strike
  • The Single Gracenote
  • Movements that Combine Single Gracenotes
  • The Throw
  • The Leumluath
  • The Taorluath
  • The Throw (Heavy D)
  • The Doubling and Half Doubling
  • The Birl
  • The Required Music for This Level
  • The Optional Music for This Level
  • Writing Paper, Manuscript Paper, and Progress Checklist
  • Bagpipe Solutions V...