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Apps G3 Pipe Chanter Reeds
Apps G3 Pipe Chanter Reeds

Apps G3 Pipe Chanter Reeds

Price: $18.00

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Apps G3 Standard Pipe Chanter Reed - Easy, Medium
Apps G3 reeds are available in multiple strengths and are compatible with a wide range of pipe chanters. The Apps G3 Reeds is a standard slope-style reed, while the G4 reed is shoulder cut. Designed in cooperation with David Naill & Co., the reeds are a great match for the Naill range of chanters. Apps Reeds are made by Chris Apps in the US.
The Apps Reedmaking Process: "The Apps G3 bagpipe chanter reed is cut with a CNC mill and hand finished by Chris Apps. The technology ensures uniformity while the hand finish guarantees quality. The folded brass staple ensures each reed has a powerful, stable top hand and projects plenty of volume."
 Quantity pricing for pipe chanter reeds:
12-23 $0.50 discount per reed
24 or more $1.00 discount per reed
Our Pipe Chanter Reed Promise: We are happy to adjust the strength to your specifications. All reeds are tested by us before they are shipped. We offer a "no quibble" exchange policy on our reeds. If the reeds do no meet your requirements, they can be exchanged within 10 days.

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