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The Piper's Seasoning
The Piper's Seasoning

The Piper's Seasoning

Price: $16.95
Made in: UK

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The Piper's Seasoning

The  Piper's Seasoning will condition the bag and absorb moisture. The plastic bottle is convenient, with directions printed on the side. This seasoning is not supposed to be heated before use. A new bag will require 1/2 a bottle to start, with less needed for bag maintenance. Made by Frazer Warnock in Northern Ireland. 250 ml

Features of the Piper's Seasoning

  • Plastic bottle
  • No heating required
  • For use with Frazer Warnock and other traditional hide and sheepskin bags
  • 250 ml
  • Directions on bottle

Not for use on Gannaway pipe bags, which have specific bag care products.

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