$50 Off All Blackwood Highland Bagpipes

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Choose from a huge selection of brands and styles! We are happy to discuss options, help you find the perfect instrument, or assist in configuring your pipe setup. You'll get a set that fits YOU and has been professionally set up and tested. If you have questions or would like assistance with your order, please call, email, or chat online. We're here to help!

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$50 discount applicable on all Blackwood Great Highland Bagpipes. Poly bagpipes and wood smallpipes are not included in this offer. Blackwood bagpipes cannot be shipped outside of the U.S. Promotion applies to orders placed on or after May 23, 2017. Good through June 30, 2017.

$50 Off Blackwood

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Pro Flow Drone Valves
Pro Flow Drone Valves

Pro Flow Drone Valves

Price: $40.00
Made in: Argentina

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Pro Flow Drone Valves
If you want to refine your playing and improve efficiency and steadiness quickly, Pro Flow drone valves can help. The valves are well designed and are easily adjusted by turning the screw. At the right setting, the valves will allow the optimum amount of air to pass through, but will regulate flow to prevent overblowing when too much air would normally pass through and create modulations in sound. There are no tools required and no elastics to stretch.
Features of Pro Flow Drone Valves:
  • Control airflow for crisper strike-ins cut-offs
  • Easy to install
  • Seat securely in stocks
  • Prevent over-blowing
  • Regulate unsteady blowing
  • Adjustments are made by twisting the screw
Note: A zippered pipe bag is required for installation  

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