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Our Products: Reeds > Pipe Chanter Reeds Quantity discounts are available
Apps G3 Pipe Chanter Reeds
Apps G3 Pipe Chanter Reeds

Apps G3 Pipe Chanter Reeds

Price: $18.00
Reed Strength: 

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Apps G3 Standard Pipe Chanter Reed - Easy, Medium
Apps G3 reeds are available in multiple strengths and are compatible with a wide range of pipe chanters. The Apps G3 Reeds is a standard slope-style reed, while the G4 reed is shoulder cut. Designed in cooperation with David Naill & Co., the reeds are a great match for the Naill range of chanters. Apps Reeds are made by Chris Apps in the US.
The Apps Reedmaking Process: "The Apps G3 bagpipe chanter reed is cut with a CNC mill and hand finished by Chris Apps. The technology ensures uniformity while the hand finish guarantees quality. The folded brass staple ensures each reed has a powerful, stable top hand and projects plenty of volume."
 Quantity pricing for pipe chanter reeds:
12-23 $0.50 discount per reed
24 or more $1.00 discount per reed

Pipe Chanter & Reed Compatibility

Pipe Chanter

Poly or Blackwood

Good Reeds for This Pipe Chanter

Suggestions based on pitch, balance, and ease of setup

Dunbar Elite I Apps G4, EzeePC, G1 Platinum, McAllister, McCann Original, Shepherd
Dunbar Elite II Apps G4, EzeePC, G1, G1 Platinum, MacLellan, McCann Ridge Cut, MG,  Shepherd, Frazer Warnock, Warnock
Gibson Abedour, Apps G3, Apps G4, EzeePC, G1, G1 Platinum, MacPhee, McAllister, McCann Original, McCann Ridge Cut, MG, Shepherd, Frazer Warnock, Warnock
Hardie MacLellan, G1, McCann Original, McCann Ridge Cut, Shepherd, Frazer Warnock, Warnock
McCallum All
Willie McCallum Solo Abedour, Apps G3, G1 Platinum, MacLellan, MacPhee, McAllister, Shepherd, Warnock
McCallum B flat EzeePC, McAllister, McCann Original, Shepherd
Naill Abedour, Apps G3, G1 Platinum, MacLellan, MacPhee, McCann Ridge Cut, Shepherd
Naill Band Apps G4, EzeePC, G1, McCann Original, McCann Ridge Cut, Shepherd, Frazer Warnock, Warnock
Peter Henderson Abedour, Apps G3, G1, G1 Platinum, McAllister, MacLellan, MacPhee, MG,  Shepherd, Frazer Warnock, Warnock
Shepherd All
Shepherd Orchestral Abedour, EzeePC. McAllister, McCann Original, Shepherd
Warnock Abedour, Apps G3, Apps G4, EzeePC, G1, G1 Platinum, McAllister, McCann, MacPhee, MG, Frazer Warnock, Warnock
We recognize that reed preference is subjective.
This guide is just based on our experience.
Our Pipe Chanter Reed Promise: We are happy to adjust the strength to your specifications. All reeds are tested by us before they are shipped. We offer a "no quibble" exchange policy on our reeds. If the reeds do no meet your requirements, they can be exchanged within 10 days.

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