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The Complete Pipers Handbook - Tidswell
The Complete Pipers Handbook - Tidswell

The Complete Pipers Handbook - Tidswell

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The Complete Pipers Handbook by P/M Brett Tidswell
In this extensive handbook, Tidswell provides a thorough discussion of the bagpipe, its components, proper care of the instrument, and how you can get the most from your pipes and from yourself as a beginner, a competitor and a band member. Explanations are combined with great color photographs to make the information clear and interesting. While information about pipe care is becoming more available, nothing beats having a book at your fingertips, something you can reference whenever you have a question or need to troubleshoot an issue.
Contents of Tidswell's The Complete Pipers Handbook:
These are the main category headings, most of which have many subsections.
  • The Practice Chanter
  • The Great Highland Bagpipe
  • What to Do First
  • Blowstick, Valve and Mouthpiece
  • Tying on a Set of Drone Cords
  • The Bag and Cover
  • Joints, Slides and Hemping
  • Moisture Traps, Tone Enhancers, and Gadgets
  • Understanding Drone Reeds
  • The Pipe Chanter and Reeds
  • Blowing a Bagpipe
  • Cleaning and Oiling a Bagpipe
  • Tuning a Bagpipe
  • Maintenance Checklist
  • How to Wear the Kilt
  • Getting the Moist out of Your Practice
  • Suggestions for Band Practice
  • Setting Up and Tuning a Pipe Corps
  • The Psychology of Performing
  • The Essentials of Teaching Piping

  • The Complete Pipers...

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