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Gannaway "Highlander" Hide Pipe Bag Dressing
Gannaway "Highlander" Hide Pipe Bag Dressing

Gannaway "Highlander" Hide Pipe Bag Dressing

Brand: Gannaway
Price: $25.00
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Gannaway "Highlander" Hide Pipe Bag Dressing   Keep your Gannaway pipe bag airtight with this glycerin-based dressing designed for its ability to draw moisture throug the hide pipe bag while keeping the bag full of air. Check the bag regularly for airtightness, every few weeks when in low humidity. Remember that a corked bag should remain full or mostly inflated for a minute; "airtight" does not mean that a bag remains inflated for hours. If the bag requires seasoning, just a bit will do. You can always add more later.   Note: Don't overdo it on the dressing. Overuse of dressing can cause more problems than it solves and can reduce the bag's longevity.        

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