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How will my bagpipes be setup?

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Selecting Bagpipes & Options

We have a wide range of bagpipe models available online, with many in stock. We can also order any models offered by the bagpipe makers we represent, so let us know if you're looking for something you don't see on the website. With so many choices, you're sure to find a fantastic set for you.

All bagpipe prices reflect the pipes, all necessary components, and professional setup. The standard setup for all pipes includes:

  • Bannatyne or Canmore synthetic pipe bag with zipper
  • Deluxe velvet bag cover with zipper
  • Reliable, top-selling synthetic drone reeds
  • Silk drone cords
  • Matching pipe chanter
  • Brand name pipe chanter reed

You can select sizes, colors, and other products to customize the pipes. Changing the components can reduce or raise the final price. Add-ons and discounts are clearly displayed as you make your selections online. You can click More Details as you create your setup and see pictures and product information.

Want help customizing the pipes? No problem! Just call or email with your questions, and we'll help make selections that will work best for you, your budget, and your goals. For non-piping parents looking to purchase bagpipes for their children, we understand the extra challenges, and we can assist in explaining options and product differences, accommodating instructor advice, and for young pipers, making sure that the pipes will be a comfortable fit for stature.

Bagpipe Setup

Sticks For all bagpipes ordered, we follow a consistent and thorough setup process. Pipes are stored as “sticks,” which means just the wood or Poly pieces that make a particular set, without the bag cover, cords, or pipe bag. We'll add these components according to the size, type, and color customizations you select when ordering your pipes.

If you order wood pipes, we'll pull the sticks and prepare them for assembly by brushing, oiling, and swabbing the interiors (bores). This will remove any manufacturing residue and condition the wood, protecting it from both moisture and low humidity. Having freshly oiled pipes is important to avoid potential damage that can occur when pipes are played for the first weeks.

Oiling and Brushing the Pipes Swabbing & Polishing the Pipes Installing the Pipe Bag

Once the pipes have been cleaned and oiled, the pipe bag you've chosen will be put on. This is the starting stage for Poly pipes. The drone and blowstick stocks are pulled through the cuffs and carefully positioned, and the chanter stock is tied in or clamped on, depending on the bag type. If the pipe bag includes a water trap or canister system, it will also be installed at this point.

We'll then put on the bag cover you selected. Next, the pipes are assembled, piece by piece. The hemp will be checked at each joint, to ensure that the pieces fit rather snugly, but not too tightly, as hemp will swell after pipes are played. Some pipes come hemped from the manufacturer, so hemp is just added or removed, while others pipes need to be hemped entirely. At this point, the cords you've picked will be added, using plastic ties to secure the cords on either side of each drone. In some cases, we might adjust the cord spacing slightly for a player's size, so the drones will be as comfortable as possible on the shoulder.

Attaching the Drone Cords

Now that the pipes look like bagpipes, it's time to address the reeds. We'll take the drone reeds you've selected, inspect them, and fit them into the reed seats, adding or removing hemp as necessary. Then, the pipe chanter reed can be inserted in the pipe chanter.

We'll select a reed in the strength you've requested and one that also complements your pipes and drone reeds. Once the bagpipe is a complete system, it will be played to test the setup and the reeds. This is always a fun part. It is also a critical step in making sure you receive an instrument that is as ready to play as can be managed, given changes caused by shipping and the fact that drones need to be partially “broken down” to fit in a box.

Testing the Bagpipe Setup

We can make sure that the reeds work well together and that drone reeds are properly adjusted. If necessary, fine adjustment will be made, and the pipes will be tested again, until everything works perfectly together.


Getting your pipes to you safely is as important as getting them setup optimally, and we take care in this part of the process.

Using bubble wrap and heavy craft paper, we'll secure the pipes in a new box. If you've included a case in your customization, we'll first wrap and fit the pipes in the case, then secure the case in the box. Along with your pipes will be any other items you've ordered and things like original drone reed packages. Wrapping the Drones & Securing the Package Domestic pipe sales are shipped via UPS or Priority Mail services. We'll add appropriate insurance to the package and stick printed labels and “Fragile” stickers to the box. You'll be emailed with shipment information, so you can track the package's progress.

We enjoy preparing and take pride in each set of pipes that leaves the store for a new owner, and we're ready to help with any questions you may have once the pipes arrive. Service We're here for you if you have questions or need help with anything once you receive your pipes; please don't hesitate to call or email. We can offer advice for adjusting to your new pipes, help with troubleshooting, or talk about any of the components. No question is too small!

We send out hundreds of sets of bagpipes each year, and despite the utmost care, pipes have occasionally arrived to customers with a chipped mount or other damage. Please know that in the rare event that this occurs, we will remedy the situation right away. Bagpipe parts are supported by a 1 year warranty from us and by a possibly longer warranty from the manufacturer. We will do what it takes to get your part replaced immediately, or a loaner part sent if the part is not in stock at the moment and must be rush ordered. hank You!

Thanks for considering a bagpipe purchase with us. Let us know how we can help you, even if you're just in the early stages of looking into new pipes. Our customers are the reason we're here, and we value all of your questions, feedback and orders.

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