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Notes Frae Ma Heid - Armstrong
Notes Frae Ma Heid - Armstrong

Notes Frae Ma Heid - Armstrong

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Notes Frae Ma Heid Bagpipe Music Book by Chris Armstrong
All of the tunes in Notes Frae Ma Heid were written by Chris Armstrong. Tune selections begin with Slow Airs and Marches and end with a lineup of hornpipes and jigs that which are sure to please those with the fastest fingers. Each tune exemplifies Chris's unique playing style and attention to detail. This is a fun book of 50+ tunes to add to any repertoire. 2003.
Contents of Notes Frae Ma Heid:
Marches Jigs
Mrs. Irene Armstrong A Bit Brash
Gavin Burns Alan, The Chanter Breaker
P.M. Gordon Lawrie of Gartocharn D.M. Peter MacNamee
Stuart Kenny Hit It on the Naill
Ross Kennedy of Campbeltown Inspiration
Cameron Bennett That Cooking Fat
Cameron Dodds The Electric Pumpkin
Number One The Ferry to Skye
Number Two The Heli-pad
Number 3 The Whisky Boeys
Strathspeys 30 to 20
Andy Armstrong's Strathspey Train to Glasgow
Chrysler's Strathspey Hornpipes
Karen Elise McKenzie Bossa Nova
Rebecca's Strathspey Champin' at the Bit
Rantaronian Cameron Cone Tango
P.M. John Matheson B.E.M Hoover Happy Irene
Reels Marylin's Raffle
Barry's Mega Motor Mr F. Octave Anno
Exit, Yankee Style New Eden
Honk Goose Saney MacKenzie
Jaz's Jukebox The Phantom Fairy
The Barachio's Reel Where the Folk in Hell Sat
The Man in the Middle The Orlando Tango
Two Tenor Pop Suites
50p Pint The Full Circle
Hen Pecked Dreams of a Child
Airs Quantum Leap
Cumha a Chuilein
The Mad Scientist
Jimmy's Tune
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