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Pipes Up DVD
Pipes Up DVD

Pipes Up DVD

Price: $29.00
Made in: Canada
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Pipes Up! Complete Tuning DVD Tutor Video by Jim McGillivray   This complete, in-depth tuning guide for the bagpipes offers instruction from Jim McGillivray, gold medalist and author of the popular piping exercises book Rhythmic Fingerwork. The thorough discussions of techniques and the video demonstrations offer invaluable information in a format that is easy to follow and easy to reference again and again. Jim not only explains how things are done but why, giving a broad basis for understanding your instrument and how to get the most from it. This is an enormously helpful tool if you're transitioning to the bagpipes, ifyou've just purchased a set of bagpipes, and even if you've been playing for awhile and would like to expand your knowledge have some of your questions answered.   "Jim and his comic cohort, Duff MacKechnie, give you the knowledge to produce a rich and harmonious instrument that will engage listeners, rather than frighten them off!"   DVD Chapters on McGillivray's Pipes Up! Video:  

1. Tuning tenor to tenor

24. The octave

2. Tuning Positions

25. C & E

3. Bass to tenor

26. Tape

4. Tuning practice

27. G, B, D, G, high G

5. Tuning drones to chanter

28. Tuned chanter demo

6. “Rough” tuning

29. F

7. Fine tuning - 1 drone to chanter

30. Tuned chanter demo

8. Pressure variance

31. High G

9. Second drone

32. D

10. Why high A?

33. B, low G

11. The bass drone

34. Tuned chanter demo

12. Second option

35. The bagpipe strikes back II

13. Two drones at once

36. Solo and band chanters

14. Three drones at once

37. Workshop

15. The bagpipe strikes back

38. The tuning meter

16. Tuning slides

39. Drone reed manipulation

17. Hard pipes

40. Chanter reed manipulation

18. Blowing steadily

41. Chanter carving

19. Unsteady reeds

42. Water and temperature

20. Moisture problems

43. Blowing steadily

21. Background noise

44. Ceremonial piping

22. Climbing chanter reed

45. Tuning two chanters

23. Tuning the chanter


  • Pipes Up DVD

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