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McCallum Junior Poly Practice Chanter
McCallum Junior Poly Practice Chanter

McCallum Junior Poly Practice Chanter

Price: $64.00
Made in: UK

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McCallum Junior Size Polypenco Practice Chanter
The McCallum Junior Children's Practice Chanter designed for small hands. The finger spacing is 3/4 sized, making it easier for many youngsters to use. The reduced, non-standard note hole spacing makes this Junior chanter more difficult to tune with regular length and long practice chanters. The McCallum children's chanter should only be used until the young student is able to make the reach required on standard chanters.
Features of the McCallum Junior Poly Practice Chanter:
  • Smaller note spacing
  • Durable Polypenco construction
  • Yellow hemp seal
  • Includes 1 reed
  • Approximate overall length: 17.25"
Compare the McCallum Junior Poly Practice Chanter with another children's chanter:  The McCallum Junior Chanter has a smaller fingerspread; however, it is actually longer than the Dunbar Child's Size Chanter, which is the shortest of the chanters we offer. The Dunbar Chidren's Chanter has standard note hole spacing and is, therefore, easier to tune with other practice chanters.

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